Parkinson’s disease: a pathology in constant progression

27 Jul, 2020

Parkinson’s, a long-term degenerative and progressive disorder of the central nervous system, affects one in 100 people over 60 years of age.

Currently, there are about 6.3 million people with this disease in the world and WHO predicts that, by 2030, they will become more that 12 million (source: Parkinson y Yo / Comunidad Parkinson Latinoamérica).

In Argentina, the disease affects about 90,000 people.

In its article of July 19th, 2020 ( , the Argentine newspaper LA NACIÓN insists on the importance of early detection of the disease (allowing the immediate activation of adapted therapeutic strategies and favoring the proposal to patients of “healthier lifestyles”) and on the monitoring of physical rehabilitation programs.

Despite the variety of recommended therapeutic strategies, about 10% of Parkinson’s patients suffer from a severe handicap; for these more advanced cases, with serious motor complications, complementary therapies with subcutaneous infusions may be considered (case, for example, of apomorphine), as well as surgical solutions or the duodenal pump.

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