CMC Pharma Solutions provides its partners with its distribution experience in the Latin American region.

CMC Pharma Solutions distributes Canè Medical Technology infusion systems and accessories in Latin America.

The infusion systems produced by Canè SpA include outpatient infusion pumps, designed for the subcutaneous infusion of various drugs.

The small size and low weight make Crono pumps ideal for home use, thus giving the patient the freedom to engage in daily activities during treatment. The advance mechanism acts directly on the reservoir piston, allowing the pump to accurately administer the drug.


The Canè infusion system also includes CRONO CRN sterile disposable syringes belonging to the class of medical devices, which, unlike other brands, have been designed to be used exclusively with CRONO model pumps.


Equipped with “Luer Lock” connections for the attachment of the infusion device, they feature the possibility to unscrew the piston, allowing it to be connected to the CRONO pumps.


Depending on the pump used, the CRN reservoirs can have a capacity of 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 ml.