CRONO S-PID4 100 ambulatory infusion pump

27 Jan, 2022

CRONO S-PID4 100 is an ambulatory infusion pump, designed for the subcutaneous administration of immunoglobulins, which uses specific 100 ml syringes called réservoirs.

 Main technical features of the pump:

  •  The possibility of choosing from three modes: 
    • Time Mode (T), the infusion duration for the therapy 
    • Flow Rate Mode (F), allows you to set the infusion flow rate to be used during the therapy 
    • Flow Rate Cycle Mode (FRC), allows you to set a ramp composed of several flows that vary at predetermined time intervals
  • Bluetooth interface for communication with CronoManagementTouch

 CRONO S-PID4 100 features a graphical OLED display for improved user interaction which shows practical information viewable by the healthcare personnel and the patient about the settings, operation and diagnostics of the pump. 

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