CRONO PAR4 20 ambulatory infusion pump

2 Feb, 2022

CRONO PAR4 20 is an ambulatory infusion pump, designed for the subcutaneous infusion of apomorphine in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, which uses specific 10 ml and 20 ml syringes called reservoirs.

 Main technical features of the pump:

  •  The possibility of choosing from two different operation modes:
    •        Free mode, with up to three user-selectable flow rates 
    •       Auto mode, with up to three automatically selected flow rates depending upon the time of day 
  • Bolus dose with programmable lockout period
  • Bluetooth interface for downloading usage data 

The pusher mechanism acts directly on the plunger of the reservoir, allowing for an accurate administration of the drug. The pump administers shots of programmable volume at intervals which depend on the chosen flow rate. If the programmed flow rate is increased, the time interval between the shots decreases proportionally. 

CRONO PAR4 20 features a graphical OLED display for improved user interaction which shows practical information viewable by the healthcare personnel and the patient about the settings, operation and diagnostics of the pump.

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